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OCTAVE Project Workshop

9 June 2017

OCTAVE (Objective Control  for Talker Verification, is a project funded by the E.U. Horizon 2020 Programme, running from June 2015 to July 2017. OCTAVE integrates commercial-grade and new, hybrid ASV systems with the latest environmental robustness and anti-spoofing technologies to deliver a scalable, trusted biometric authentication service (TBAS). By simultaneously relieving end-users from the inconvenience of dealing with textual passwords, the OCTAVE platform reduces the economic and practical burdens related to password loss and recovery.

AIT participates to OCTAVE pursuing activities in anti-spoofing and noise reduction algorithms, as well as protection of personal data.

In the context of dissemination activities OCTAVE organizes its final project workshop on Tuesday June 27, 2017 in Florence with title
Next Generation User Authentication by Voice Biometrics? Ready to Market!
The Workshop will present the technical approach of the project, the developments of TBAS, and the experience gained from its two trials in the context of airport security and banking services. The project presentations will be complemented by invited talks by reserachers and officials on the use of biometric data for authentication purposes, as well as the legal framework in place for collecting and processing such data. For more information please visit


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"The “Meet Your Future” program helped me learn about what I have to face in the market and to make the right decisions for my professional future. We also had the chance to learn about the technology of the future."

Nikolaos Messados, Junior summer school, (Greece)

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